Our story

Disconnecting, switching off and simply "dolce far niente" – Julius Caesar was very good at all that. Here in Caesar's Restaurant, we want our guests to enjoy their well-earned break in the same spirit. Situated just 50 paces from the shores of idyllic Lake Maggiore, this is where the long-established wine culture of Ticino meets delicious specialities of modern Italian cuisine. Chef Fabio Bottini insists on using local produce and knows exactly how to bring out the special characteristics of each and every ingredient. When you dine in his restaurant, you'll discover new flavours every time and enjoy them in an ambiance of elegance and loving attention to detail. With the menus changing with the seasons, the culinary surprises are never-ending. The unique combinations of flavours in Caesar’s Restaurant all have a tale to tell. For example, ingredients such as honey from Ticino or "büscion di capra" – a local cream cheese from the family-run Faggio farm – add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the dishes.


Our goal is to work exclusively with products that guarantee sustainable, natural enjoyment for our guests. Local ingredients are transformed into creative seasonal dishes. This is why we collaborate on a daily basis with suppliers who can meet these requirements.


What does sustainability mean?

Economy, ecology and sustainability play a major role in the process of sourcing our food. This is why we obtain our meat products solely from regional or national producers. We follow the recommendations of the WWF Switzerland fish guide when obtaining our fish products.

Sustainable cuisine begins with buying. In other words, supply and demand dictate the quantity. We therefore make sure that we do not buy in excess and, wherever possible, we use everything we buy.

Our team

  • Oliver Pelzmann

    Oliver Pelzmann

    Director / Department Head

    Oliver Pelzmann has been the Director of the Sunstar Hotel in Brissago since 2019. At the same time, he works as a Department Head and makes sure that all our guests are comfortable.

  • Fabio Bottini

    Fabio Bottini

    Executive Chef

    As chef de cuisine, Fabio ensures that the food is sustainable and seasonal. Under his direction, his team cooks only the best for our guests.

  • Kitchen team

    Our kitchen team

    at Caesars Restaurant

    Our kitchen team will spoil you with a variety of delicious menus. Let yourself fall under their spell.